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The last several months have been a whirlwind. Currently, I’m looking for any work I can get. I am qualified for a LOT in the realm of Hollywood. Independent special effects work. Acting. Producing. Directing. Writing. It’s all good. In the realms of keeping busy I am now looking for a “normal” day job again. [...]

Futurama Returns

My take on the voice of Zapp Brannigan.  So glad the show is coming back!  Although they actually put out a casting call for all the characters again – it’s interesting to note that all the original voice actor’s are signed back on!  YAY!

Email Change….

I am making an email address change soon.  It WAS tanner@ – from now on instead of tanner it will be tan. The reason? I have been getting HAMMERED with a gibberish spam.  The usual reason for these guys to spam the way they do is too reduce spam filter effectiveness.    Once you mark [...]

Cabin Fever 2

Just spent an evening working on Cabin Fever 2 with my good buddy Patrick Durham.  Met a lot of great people and had a great time doing some work on the film.  Honestly not sure what I can post about so I’m gonna play it safe and not say much else. I definitely want to [...]

Stargate & Sanctuary

If there was any show I could pick to be on – it would be these shows (also would love to be on Psych – but that’s another story). A part of me wanted to be on Stargate SG-1 so badly but I didn’t make it to the Hollywood world in time to be there.  [...]

Patrick Durham…

Another website done. Go check out Patrick Durham Dot Com. Among other things you need to go check out his site for samples of my website design work. His site was SEVERELY customized! Email me with detailed specs about what you want for your site and I can get back to you. While it’s more [...]

Tanner – Website designer! And brownie lover…

Hi y’all. I have another site to add to the resume – I recently was referred by a friend of mine to help another actor with designing and coding a website for them. We met the other day, and now the site is all but more or less finished. We’re waiting on delivery of her [...]


Ok, y’all. Some of my work is starting to surface, and hopefully soon I will have more than just a few random clips to put together into a nice demo reel or my acting skills. And that’s what’s going on… for those of you keeping score, I have an IMDB page here, and on that [...]

New Website Design

I (obviously!) have a new design up! Enjoy! Incidentally this design will also allow me to more adequately update and blog about the various stuff that is going on. I will rant, rave, talk about projects, pimp my friends projects, pimp my friends, and promote myself as much as is narcissistically possible. I will freely [...]

My buddy Charlie and I wrote a TV pilot…

Yep. We wrote it. It’s awesome.  It’s never been done on TV before.  Reviews from the few people who have read it range all in the “holy-crap-I’ve-never-read-such-a-great-script” category. We’ll see.  I’d like to let you read it.  Especially if you’re an agent, or a manager.  So contact me.  I’ll make sure my buddy is cool [...]