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Futurama Returns

My take on the voice of Zapp Brannigan.  So glad the show is coming back!  Although they actually put out a casting call for all the characters again – it’s interesting to note that all the original voice actor’s are signed back on!  YAY!

Federal Trade Commision PSA

A PSA I did for Aperture films. I finally got around to seeing if it was finished and available online anywhere.

Good Advice – Writer’s beware!

Acting Demo Reel

I added this to my media page as well. I plan to tighten it up – but for now this will do.

Angels & Demons

The trailer for “Angels & Demons” is out. Tom Hanks and Ron Howard are a joy to work with and for respectively and I only hope I get the chance to do it again some day.

The Pope of Greenwich Village

An acting extravaganza from Tanner Wiley and Ed Richards.

Lovin’ HeLL.A! – The Rough Cut

The final cut entered into the contest.  Sound work is still needed.  Feel free to contact me if you would like to take a crack at it.

Deadline – a short by Tanner Wiley

STRANGLEHOLDS TRUE TO JOHN WOO SHORT FILM CONTEST Written & Directed by Tanner Wiley.  Starring Sara Siegel, Claudio Brescia, Steven Josefson, Charlie Price, Aaron Rome, Clayton Froning, and Justin Milley.  The story is of a young female police detective whose undercover partners cover has been blown.  Can she save him?