Patrick Durham…

Another website done.

Go check out Patrick Durham Dot Com.

Among other things you need to go check out his site for samples of my website design work.

His site was SEVERELY customized! Email me with detailed specs about what you want for your site and I can get back to you. While it’s more or less confidential how much his site cost, it wasn’t just a single day job.

I like to be paid for my time only – the simpler you keep it the cheaper it is. I’m not a mechanic – I won’t charge $600 for a job that only takes an hour because a book says it’s a $600 dollar job.

All you need to have ready for me is the FTP information of your website and details about what you want done. A sample site is a good idea. Flash is discouraged. (People tend to turn flash websites off – hate music built into pages – etc) A basic actor template website is 150$ (a template I made and have used…). You have to supply the hosting and FTP access. If you want it to be very cool it needs to have a database server software called MySQL. Other wise it’s more basic and oddly enough, a little more complicated.

Other sites I have designed recently:
and this one – you know – the one you are reading this post from.

I am currently reworking . Looking forward to getting this one up and running.