The last several months have been a whirlwind. Currently, I’m looking for any work I can get. I am qualified for a LOT in the realm of Hollywood. Independent special effects work. Acting. Producing. Directing. Writing. It’s all good.

In the realms of keeping busy I am now looking for a “normal” day job again. Hard to come by in southern California from what I can tell.

When not applying for any job I have 80-110% qualifications for, I am prepping my next big writing project, which I have extensive thoughts about currently. I will post more shortly – at least I will post what I think I can. Cheers!

Futurama Returns

My take on the voice of Zapp Brannigan.  So glad the show is coming back!  Although they actually put out a casting call for all the characters again – it’s interesting to note that all the original voice actor’s are signed back on!  YAY!

Email Change….

I am making an email address change soon.  It WAS tanner@ – from now on instead of tanner it will be tan.

The reason?

I have been getting HAMMERED with a gibberish spam.  The usual reason for these guys to spam the way they do is too reduce spam filter effectiveness.    Once you mark the gibberish as spam it basically overloads the filters and makes it easier to accept spam rather than to refuse it.

I was stupid and posted my actual email address for a period of time.  Now I’m encrypting it from bots being able to read it.  But the damage is done.  So, I apologize ahead of time…  but tanner@ has to go.

EDIT:  It’s done.  tanner@ will stay active for a little while but I expect a full deletion to happen shortly.

Cabin Fever 2

Just spent an evening working on Cabin Fever 2 with my good buddy Patrick Durham.  Met a lot of great people and had a great time doing some work on the film.  Honestly not sure what I can post about so I’m gonna play it safe and not say much else.

I definitely want to thank my friends S. Gabriel Josefson and Justin Milley for coming out and lending their considerable talent and time to the shoot.

(And now a shameless plug for crossthemovie.com and whoisrain.com….  go view and click my ads!!)

Federal Trade Commision PSA

A PSA I did for Aperture films. I finally got around to seeing if it was finished and available online anywhere.

Stargate & Sanctuary

If there was any show I could pick to be on – it would be these shows (also would love to be on Psych – but that’s another story).

A part of me wanted to be on Stargate SG-1 so badly but I didn’t make it to the Hollywood world in time to be there.  And as for Atlantis, well, it just got canceled.  But with the new Stargate Universe show looming in the future there is still a chance for me.

Wish me luck guys!

Patrick Durham…

Another website done.

Go check out Patrick Durham Dot Com.

Among other things you need to go check out his site for samples of my website design work.

His site was SEVERELY customized! Email me with detailed specs about what you want for your site and I can get back to you. While it’s more or less confidential how much his site cost, it wasn’t just a single day job.

I like to be paid for my time only – the simpler you keep it the cheaper it is. I’m not a mechanic – I won’t charge $600 for a job that only takes an hour because a book says it’s a $600 dollar job.

All you need to have ready for me is the FTP information of your website and details about what you want done. A sample site is a good idea. Flash is discouraged. (People tend to turn flash websites off – hate music built into pages – etc) A basic actor template website is 150$ (a template I made and have used…). You have to supply the hosting and FTP access. If you want it to be very cool it needs to have a database server software called MySQL. Other wise it’s more basic and oddly enough, a little more complicated.

Other sites I have designed recently:

and this one – you know – the one you are reading this post from.

I am currently reworking http://www.powerfrogstudios.com . Looking forward to getting this one up and running.

Good Advice – Writer’s beware!

Acting Demo Reel

I added this to my media page as well. I plan to tighten it up – but for now this will do.

Tanner – Website designer! And brownie lover…

Hi y’all.

I have another site to add to the resume – I recently was referred by a friend of mine to help another actor with designing and coding a website for them. We met the other day, and now the site is all but more or less finished. We’re waiting on delivery of her demo reel to complete it.

I am always available to do more webdesign. My rates are fairly reasonable. Just shoot me an email and tell me what you need – already have and what you don’t know also… be as detailed as you can.

Anyway, check out my new design here www.jaimetaite.com.

Thanks guys!