Angels & Demons

The trailer for “Angels & Demons” is out. Tom Hanks and Ron Howard are a joy to work with and for respectively and I only hope I get the chance to do it again some day.


Ok, y’all. Some of my work is starting to surface, and hopefully soon I will have more than just a few random clips to put together into a nice demo reel or my acting skills.

Heist Poster

And that’s what’s going on… for those of you keeping score, I have an IMDB page here, and on that page one of the films I had a small part in is premiering on Saturday, November 8th at 7:30 pm.

I have, of course, a guest pass to go to this thing. I get to bring a friend too. And as a matter of fact, I’ve asked my pilot co-writer and co-creator, Charles Price, if he wants to go. It should be interesting.

In it, I am playing a prison guard who kills a prison transport driver near the end of the movie facilitating the escape of one of the main characters. I have lines. Woot!


New Website Design

I (obviously!) have a new design up! Enjoy!

Incidentally this design will also allow me to more adequately update and blog about the various stuff that is going on. I will rant, rave, talk about projects, pimp my friends projects, pimp my friends, and promote myself as much as is narcissistically possible.

I will freely talk about the stuff that hasn’t happened and why and will frequently update this with information from my new webcomic as well!

So on that note, please go to and read my webcomic – check a link – make a donation – help me survive by making a living at doing that which I do best.

Thanks peeps!

-Tanner :D

My buddy Charlie and I wrote a TV pilot…


We wrote it.

It’s awesome.  It’s never been done on TV before.  Reviews from the few people who have read it range all in the “holy-crap-I’ve-never-read-such-a-great-script” category.

We’ll see.  I’d like to let you read it.  Especially if you’re an agent, or a manager.  So contact me.  I’ll make sure my buddy is cool with me sending it and I will – or I can meet with you and let you read a hard copy.

It’s registered with the Writers Guild of America West.  #1303333.  The tag line?  We have a few and once we do the reading with some of our actor friends – we’ll post more.

The Pope of Greenwich Village

An acting extravaganza from Tanner Wiley and Ed Richards.

Busy busy busy!!

Tanner is still busy, and would like to apologize for still not keeping up on the updates!

This summer included a lot of auditions.He helped a friend move. Looking for a day job. Which by the way, I still need one, I’m good at lots of stuff, mostly entertainment related, illustration, animation, web design, and so on. Drop me a line if you got a job for me.

The pirate movie I did is out. I hope to get my copy soon so I can extract parts of it for my demo reel.

Lovin’ HeLL.A! hit some snags with a sound designer. I’m not personally able to work on it yet – and I really want to get it done. Not for me so much as for everyone else who was involved. Richard seems to be just as busy, as I havn’t heard from him in a while as well.

I also had an idea – a quite original idea – for a new TV series. The best pitch I am allowed to give you right now is it’s a JJ Abrams style, with a lot of Judd Apatow-ish humor, Doug Limanesque visual style show with a lot of action and comedy. An action-dramedy if you will. We have the script in the final stages and are preparing to do a reading with our friends before we pitch it. My partner has contacts in a few production companies. Of course, my Joss Whedon influence will be fairly obvious. So far the few people who’ve read it, love it. I know it’ll be amazing once we get it on air.

As for “The Greatest American Hero” webseries, I have no idea what’s going on with that. So my official policy is a don’t ask don’t tell thing.

Finally, I’m launching a new website, It’s a webcomic, along the lines of the massive amounts of other webcomic sites out there. I hope, however that the quality of it raises it quickly to the upper end of the ranks of webcomics. Please, show your support. Go there. Make a donation. Read the comic (it doesn’t launch for a week though – so it’s all filler material for now) click on an ad – just to send me a little love in the form of ad cash… :)

As always, I am available for webdesign work, layout etc. I can also do story boards, and illustrations. I can even do animatics to lessen filming impact. You know what I’m talking about? No? Ok, well, say you have a complicated scene. And you don’t know if you can film it the right away. Work with one person (me!) and instead of a crew of 20 paying them all to try stuff, we do animatics that cement the idea in your head so when you are ready to film… you nkow exactly the shots you want and you know exactly how to shoot it.


Tanner has been very busy, and would like to apologize for not keeping up on the updates!

First of all, he has had small parts in several independent feature films; he’s played a british sea captain, a corrupt prison guard, and a body guard to a slave trader. On top of that he was also a phone fraud operator in a commercial being shot by Aperture Films.

“Lovin’ HeLL.A!” has been in an approved final cut for several months now while waiting for a sound person to clean up the audio. It is nearing completion.

Finally, he is doing some work for Patrick Durham, who also happens to be a friend of his. See Patrick’s website here for more updates.

And while auditions are always ongoing – he had an audition today for a part on an upcoming ABC Family show, The Middleman.

Lovin’ HeLL.A! – The Rough Cut

The final cut entered into the contest.  Sound work is still needed.  Feel free to contact me if you would like to take a crack at it.

Lovin’ HeLL.A!

Tanner and Richard Chiu are working hard on a short situational comedy pilot to be entered in a contest on myspace that, should they win, will net them a development deal with FOX. They are confident that they can win. The script is finished – went through four drafts – and most of the male characters have been cast.

The sit-com is called “Lovin’ HeLL.A!” It deals with the ups and downs of the dating scene in Los Angeles.

Jack Johns……………………………………………………………………………..Tanner Wiley

Ethan Torelli…………………………………………………………………………..Richard Chiu

Clarence “Soda” Thompson……………………………………………………….Karl Sanders

The following roles are still open and they are accepting submissions at Send headshots and resumes here. Here are the breakdowns.

Zadmehr Abti a.k.a Zad –  Male – Lead  – between 26 to 32 – Persian/Middle Eastern looking preferred, although will consider changing the name/etc for the right actor for the type – The weird guy – says random things all the time, kind of a foil for one of the other main characters.  Genuine – honest – yet odd.

Brandi –  Female – Co-Star – between 21 to 27 – Jewish – dark haired – hot – stupid – typical kind of clone of the Paris/Britney/Lindsay Lohan types. Doesn’t want Clarence (Main Character – already cast) but plays the game. The self professed blowjob artist and not ashamed of it. Has money so she doesn’t work.

Stephanie – Female – Co-Star – 24 to 28 – any race – down to earth – the guys girl. Digs sports – knows more than most guys – works as a P.A. at a studio.  Sidelines as a sports writer.

Debby – Female – Co-Star -  27 to 32 – Nerdy but not unattractive just not obviously so – works at a Best Buy in the Geek Squad. (more likely not since even “Chuck” has made an alias store and doesn’t even use Best Buy as a location instead opting for a “Buy More” with the “Nerd Herd”) actually has a new job every other week really.  But that’s the idea.

Sam – Female – Supporting  -  28-35 – super attractive – have to be comfortable assuming the role of a pre-op transsexual.

Girl in Park – Female – Supporting – 21-28 – nice likeable girl for one of our main characters (an Asian man) to be talking to in a park.


Tanner just booked a gig as a S.W.A.T. team member in a music video for the elctronica band “t.A.T.u.” For more information on this band please go to